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🍇cheese and wine paring 🧀

Did you know that there are around 1200 different varieties of cheese 🧀 in France [listed by the Center National Interprofessionnel de l'Économie Laitière (CNIEL)]? That means different textures, compositions, seasonings, tastes,… Tasting them all would be a great challenge, right?! 🤩

🍷 But what wine to drink with cheese? The best choice is certainly a matter of taste, but not only…

Here are some tips that may help: 1️⃣ The tannins in red wines do not really appreciate the milk proteins in cheeses. The wine will appear harder and harsher. Prefer a light red (Loire, Burgundy, Alsace, Jura). 2️⃣ The freshness of the whites (pretty word for acidity) will perfectly accompany the fat of the cheese. It is said that the wine balances the fat in the cheese. 3️⃣ Prefer a local pairing, a regional cheese goes well with a local wine for example, a surprising pairing will be a refined Comté with a yellow wine from the Jura. 4️⃣ Avoid goat and sheep cheeses with a red, a dry white will highlight the cheese more. 5️⃣ Consider bubbles with cheese! The freshness and liveliness that a crémant brings to a cheese will bring out its aromas even more. For example, a fresh Brillat-Savarin, with a Crémant de Bourgogne. 6️⃣ What about sweets? Why not pair a washed-rind cheese like a Langres or an Epoisses with Ratifia de Champagne?!

🍽️ And you, which agreements do you opt for?

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