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🥚 I'm allergic to eggs ❌

Yesterday I was at a birthday party and I was going (again) to skip my turn for dessert... but that was without counting on the strawberry plant from @lesdouceursducolibri!! Vegetable pastries, for all tastes that have nothing to envy to traditional pastries 😍 it was a treat, honestly! Even after a (very hearty) meal, the freshness of the 🍓 and the smoothness of the cream went perfectly with a crémant rosé (100% pinot noir) from @louispicamelot. No heaviness or feeling of being yelled at (having eaten too much in French 😜). In short, I can only recommend you to try 😇 We will not comment on the quality of the photo 😬 #wine #wine #burgundy #cremantdebourgogne #pinotnoir #vegan #vegandesert

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