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🧀 With which Burgundy cheese should this Volnay wine be paired? 🍷

1 - Délice de Bourgogne ?

2 - Comté fruité ?

3 - Régal de Bourgogne ?

4 - Époisses ?

I pair it with Epoisses! For what ? Because this cheese has its rind washed with Marc de Bourgogne, which gives it body and aromas! They will go well with this Volnay which is beginning to evolve. Its aromas are rather on stewed fruits, notes of undergrowth and spices such as liquorice. It's from 2018 and its tannins are starting to melt, which goes well with the intensity of this cheese 🤩. Other chords work too!! But this one is the one I prefer You can test my favorite pairings during the tasting workshops that I offer, in #dijon.

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