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🍇The story of Vino Dilectio 🍷

The idea for this brand was born on a Saturday morning, in a café in the city of Dijon in Burgundy.

This is my second company, I chose to change the brand name. I wanted to keep the friendly, professional and accessible spirit of the old name 😊😊😊

My idea: to have a name in my image!

I also wanted the world of wine to be omnipresent, hence "vino".

But then why "dilectio"?

Dilectio comes from the word "dilection". According to the site dilection is a feminine name that defines a " Tender and purely spiritual love for someone; sometimes secret preference for someone or something."

It was the notion of love and even passion that prompted me to use and transform this word, not knowing that it existed before a brainstorming of 3 hours (requesting the support of several cafes...).

The logo was hand-drawn by Julie from la letter à la main 🥰

She makes signs, showcases, signage, with paint and / or gold leaf everywhere in France and also offers the customization of panels to order. She is based in Besançon (25).

On the marketing side, I benefited from Adeline's advice on the work of referencing my site, my google profile,.... You will find her site here!

Vintage yours,


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