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🍇How do you get the color red in red wine? 🍇

Did you know that the majority of red wines are made with bunches of white juice grapes? Like for example pinot noir, syrah, cabernet franc or even merlot?

The color is in fact contained in the skins (dandruff) of the grapes and bears the name of anthocyanins. We also find this dye in other fruits (blueberries, cherries, eggplant, ...), leaves, ... To have a red wine, we will carry out a maceration between the skins and the juices. The time for this stage can vary between several days and several weeks. The maceration can take place in stainless steel vats or in barrels. After this stage, we will press the must (grape juice) and the cap of marc (photo 2) in order to keep only the juice which will then be aged in oak barrels (in the majority of cases).

🍷 Don't forget that wine is to be enjoyed and consumed in moderation! 😊

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