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🍷How do the smells and aromas of a red wine evolve?🍇

When you keep a wine, it evolves. This is even the reason why wine has created such a craze.🤩

Evolving is in terms of smell, aromas and color. The wine has a natural bouquet that the winemaker will reveal. It is made up of several fragrant molecules which will be revealed during the tasting. When we taste an old wine, we will smell tertiary odors and aromas (we smell odors with the nose and aromas thanks to the retro olfaction by the mouth, as mentioned by Richard Pfister in his book “Les parfums du vin” ). Tertiary odors and aromas will develop during aging of the wine in barrels and during aging in bottles. These two steps will bring fruity evolution notes such as fig, prune, dried cranberry or tar. There are also notes due to aging in bottles such as leather, undergrowth, earth or even tobacco. Remember, not all wines are made to age for several years!

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