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🍇Can we take part in a tasting workshop with our children? 🍷

You are staying in our beautiful region of Burgundy and, of course, you want to take part in a tasting workshop! But now, you are not alone! With your children, is it possible to go to a tasting workshop? The answer to the question is obviously "yes" , but there is a big "but" 🤭😅 The easiest way when you book is to send a short message to the winemaker or the guide who organizes the tasting workshop. First, it will be more comfortable for him, especially in terms of organization. He will not be surprised to see you disembark at 4 instead of 2 and logistically speaking, he will be able to provide space, glasses for a little water [believe in my experience, it is always difficult to see a tribe disembark and have nothing to offer them...]. If possible, he may even suggest that you adapt the format of the tasting. Obtain various fruit or grape juices and actively involve your children in the tasting workshop by teaching them how to smell the various aromas and how to concentrate on their own sensations. In short, this moment could become pleasant for all and who knows, maybe give birth to a future vocation for the "mouth professions" 🧑🏻 🍳.

Are you interested in participating in a workshop with your children? Do not hesitate to contact me !

Millésimement vôtre,


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