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🌞 End of veraison and maturity of the grapes

A quick reminder: what is veraison? Veraison is a key term that marks the beginning of the grape ripening process. This is an important time for winemakers, as this is when the grapes change color and reach their optimum size. Red grapes change from bright green to shades of purple and red, while white grapes take on a golden hue. At this point, the grapes stop growing and begin to accumulate sugars, acids, pigments and aromas. These key elements contribute to the complexity and quality of the resulting wines. Veraison usually occurs in the summer, when the days are long and hot, providing the ideal environment for the development of the grapes. 🌞🍇 The end of veraison This is the culmination of the effort and patience of the winegrowers. The end of veraison means that the grapes have reached their optimum ripeness for harvest. But how do winegrowers know when this magical moment has arrived? 🍇🎉 Several indicators make it possible to determine the maturity of the grapes. One of the most essential is the sweet taste of berries. The grapes should have a deliciously sweet flavor, indicating that the sugar level is ideal for fermentation. In addition, the acid content decreases. Another important characteristic is the presence of tannins for the red grapes, which give structure and depth to the wines.

The importance of grape maturity in tasting

To fully appreciate the wine during the tasting workshops in Dijon, the maturity of the grapes is of great importance.

Grapes harvested at their optimum point of ripeness yield balanced and expressive wines, fully reflecting the unique characteristics of the Burgundy terroir.

By tasting a wine made from perfectly ripe grapes, the fruity notes will be more pronounced, with aromas of red fruits, black fruits, even exotic fruits for certain white wines. The tannins, if well developed, will bring a velvety and pleasant sensation in the mouth, while the white wines will reveal their aromatic complexity, with floral and mineral nuances.

So, if you are curious to discover the result of this precious maturity of the grapes, join our tasting workshops in Dijon and dive into the bewitching world of Burgundy wine. There is no doubt that you will be charmed by the rich and complex flavors of these wines which perfectly reflect the passion and know-how of local winegrowers. 🍷👨‍🌾

Millésimement vôtre,


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