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Candlemas day : origins and what do I drink with the crepes ?

In France, we celebrate Candlemas.

This celebration of pagan and Latin and then Christian origins is celebrated 40 days after Christmas. The crepes with their round shape and golden color would remind us of the sun finally returning after the winter.

Also known as the Festival of Light, dates back to ancient times and celebrated on February 2, it marks the presentation of the child Jesus at the temple.

Candlemas, is much more than just an opportunity to make pancakes in our kitchens. It is a celebration that combines ancient traditions, conviviality and a delicious touch of tasting with crémant or cider.

Candlemas, Sparkling Delights and crepes

Another tradition that has grown over the years is the pairing of crepes with sparkling drinks, such as crémant. The finesse of the crémant bubbles perfectly accompanies the lightness of the crepes. It is a combination that evokes an atmosphere of party and celebration.

Crémant, a sparkling wine made using the traditional method, brings a touch of elegance to Candlemas. Its delicate aromas and freshness make each sip a sparkling experience that goes harmoniously with the delicious simplicity of the pancakes.

The Rustic Charm of Cider with the crepes

For those who prefer a more rustic touch, cider is an equally delicious alternative. Traditionally associated with French cuisine, cider offers a fruity flavor and slight effervescence that ideally complements the soft texture of crepes.

crepes for candlemas and cider or cremant

Tips for a Successful Tasting

Choice of Crémant: Opt for a brut Crémant to balance the sweetness of the crepes. Notes of apple and pear in crémant can also enhance the flavors of sweet toppings.

Cider-Crepe Pairing: A raw or semi-dry cider brings a touch of freshness and a slight acidity that goes well with crepes topped with fruit or sweet sauces.

In addition : a warm Atmospher

Add candles, create a warm atmosphere and enjoy the moment. Candlemas is a celebration that is enjoyed as much with the taste buds as with the soul.

By bringing together the centuries-old traditions of Candlemas with the art of tasting crémant or cider, this festival becomes a complete celebration, combining the simple pleasure of crepes with the effervescent elegance of the drinks that accompany them. May Candlemas be an opportunity to share friendly and delicious moments with your loved ones.

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